London Linux Meetup

I dropped by the London Linux Meetup on Wednesday 12th October, with my Kubuntu Community hat on. The venue for the meetup is fantastic. An old Medieval period public house, about 200 meters from Chancery Lane tube station. The pub, Cittie of Yorke, was decorated with dark wooden panelling, with dimmed wall lights to match. There was something rustic, yet homely about the place. The staff and services were excellent, as was the food.

I had plenty of time to arrive early, so I decided to have Dinner there prior to the meeting, and was delighted by their Steak and Kidney suet pudding.

I descended to the Cellar Bar, which does not open until 6pm, it was quiet and convenient for getting a drink, and a very nice setting for the Meetup. Chris Rogers, one of the meeting organisers arrived first, in a burgundy fedora as described on the meet up page. A really nice chap, who was very friendly and welcoming, made me feel right at home from the outset. This is really nice to have that kind of atmosphere when meeting new folks. Soon to arrive where Hugh, and Kevin, Kevin being a co-organiser of the event. Again a really friendly down to earth kind of guy, suprisingly unintimidating for chap of six feet, four inches!!

More people arrived as the night wore on, and I was delighted to see ladies were very welcome too. I manage to have a chat with Zanna who arrived later than rest after she’d been working on helping her dad get his laptop fixed.

There was lots of chatting of the GNU Freedom kind, and plenty of good healthy evangalising about our beloved Linux operating system. It was a joy to see that the table opposite, had gotten to trying to guess what we were all about. The lady on the table took a punt that we were something to do with Linux, upon correctly identifying the topic of the group there was much celebration on the table, with her other friends expressing their interest, along with comments about their own early investigative uses, that some of the group had put Linux to.

The great thing about a Meetup like this is that is engages the community, it creates friendships and bonds, and as demonstrated by the opposite table, it helps spread the message of Free Software. Those benefits in themselves would enough, but couple them with a Pub venue, and beer on tap it simply has to get the #GoodStuff seal of approval.

The London Linux meetup takes place every 3rd Wednesday, and details about the group can be found on their page. Jump on a train and drop by for the next event, you won’t regret it

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