Writing to your MP

It is my belief that the primary reason we find ourselves in the situation that we are today is as a result of our silence.

I believe that I have a similar voice to that of the majority of the people in Britain.

Yet I continue to find myself dumb founded by the policies that our government enacts. Often I am left plainly scratching my head saying “Who’s idea was that ?”

What then is the cause of this consternation ?

It is influence and vox populi. There is a reason that we are called the silent majority, those that are driving the agenda and steering policy are the either the vocal minorities or the business lobbies with their purses full of lucrative funding.

How then do we steer our MP’s ?

  • Lift our voices
  • Engage with the process
  • Communicate with our MP’s
  • Bring their attention to our issues, our views on the topics and narrative of the day.

A few tools

I am putting together a growing collection of draft letters, and I have sent copies to my MP. In the letters I explain how I want our MP for Exeter to position his debate and vote.

As I work up new letters on a variety of topics I will share them below, with some clues in the title as to the content. Please do download, and use them as the basis for a letter of your own. I hope that they save you time and give you inspiration. I higly encourage you to write a formal letter and post it in the traditional manner, as this will invite a reponse and demonstrates a higher level of engagement than social media, or email. You will also get the added bonus of being able to image and post the response on social media, for good or ill.

Details on how and where to address your letter can be found on the UK Parliament website.

Draft Letters


I am very reliant on a body of facts in my decision making process, part of my nature, and the reason why I chose the path of engineering. I hold that most things are reasoned hypothesis, and whilst the observable facts support the hypothesis, it can be considered true. In my journey to figure out what in St Blazey was going on in the EU, I uncovered many, many facts. These are what lead me to reason, That only by completely leaving the EU and returning all decision making power to our parliament could we assure the freedom, and democracy for ourselves, and our children.

During that process I worked with some colleagues to put together the follwing Video, which take you through the whole journey of the construction of the EU. It shows how 6 treaties transferred the democratic decision making power from our parliament in Westminster to the EU Parliaments in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Betrayed - The story of Britain and the European Union © 2013

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