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There should be an Edmodo for Motorhomers

The Motorhome Club sprung from an idea that my daughters had whilst on our 2015 summer holidays, in our Motorhome. They noticed how everyone in a Motorhome waves at each other, and how easy it is to get talking to each other when out and about or camped up on site. Motorhome owners have a natural sense of community with each other.

It was our youngest daughter Rebecca who said, “there should be an Edmodo for Motorhomers”

Edmodo is dedicated social media platform for younger children and teachers. We all agreed that Rebecca had a fantastic idea. So we grabbed some pencils and paper and began drawing out a Mind Map of ideas for what the Motorhome club would be like.

I am very fortunate that I work in software development and computing, so I took the girls mind map and built the club site.

It has blogging, social media, regional groups, a camp sites directory, events directory and news section.

Members can add pictures, videos, camp sites, and events. They can set up groups, organise and promote ideas and events. Access is exclusively by registration, and the site is well moderated to ensure it remains on topic and nuisance free.

The club is members only, so there is nothing to see until you’ve registered. Registration is free, but we do offer paid memberships for anyone who wants to support the club, and be more deeply involved.

A centre point for the Motorhome community, where everyone with a house on wheels is welcome.