Sphero droid in Go

I had recently been listening to an excellent episode of Coder Radio: Episode 203 “Go Go Golang” Chris and guests were discussing Go, as in golang the Open Source programming language developed at Google. I was looking for an excuse to muck about with golang, as I like compiled languages for performance reasons. The guest got to talking about gobot.io a robot control library suite they had been developing in Go.

Sphero Droid

Implementing gobot.io to create an Internet Relay Chat controlled robot Sphero-Droid is an implementation of gobot.io and go-ircevent, which uses Internet Relay Chat as a communication channel and programming interface.. Overview The project implements the gobot libraries, coupled with go-ircevent. The software connects to Sphero via Bluetooth, and logs into a definable IRC channel, In my implementation this is irc.freenode.net #sphero-control. It provides a variety of commands for controlling movement, and the lighting colours of the droid.